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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Hello there, welcome to our first blog on our brand new website. What a great week to launch it - UK Online's digital "Get On Line Week" It is now taken granted that most people have digital literacy skills, when in fact, that really isn't the case. We provide training and support to our clients help them 'get online'.

As a UK Online provider we are encouraged to get involved with their "Get Online Week" initiative which runs twice a year. The idea behind it is that we offer our community to the chance to get online and #try1thing.

On Monday morning of this week we offered a chance for clients to use a comparison website with Lesley, to see if they could lower their insurance costs or energy bills.

Monday afternoon we launched 'Work It', our job club. This runs weekly from 2pm to 4pm every Monday afternoon....just drop in and see if we can help you.

On Tuesday a member of staff from Barclays bank came in to offer financial advice and support. Follow us to find our when the next session is.

Thursday, Helen attended a volunteer fair at Aston University to promote what we do and recruit students to help deliver our digital training.

Throughout the week our friendly volunteers have delivered our usual one-to-one training sessions and have encouraged everyone to #try1thing. Why don't you give it a go and #try1thing?

As you can see by our photos we've had a fabulous, fun week. Just a quick shout out to our volunteers who help us deliver our services, we couldn't do it without you!

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