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Working in partnership with Birmingham Children's Partnership to support all families in the Northfield constituency.

Northfield Families
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What is Early Help?

Families are telling us about the many challenges they face, so partners across Birmingham are connecting together to support families who want early help.

The following sectors are connecting together in ten localities: community, voluntary and faith sectors, health, family support, social work, police, schools, further education, nurseries, children’s centres, health visitors and GPs.

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What can we help with?

We can offer the following support: 

- Food and clothes bank

- Housing and benefit advice

- Family support

- Under 5's and SEND support

- Financial support

- Information and referrals to local resources

How to refer to us

Are you working with a family in need of support? Or are you a family in need of support? If yes, then please refer to us using the methods below.

We only support families in the Northfield Constituency, use the postcode checker to identify which locality will best support the family.

To get support for a child, young people, or a family, please complete the Family Connect form for Professionals.

Family Connect Form - for Professionals

If you are a parent then please complete the Family Connect form for self-identification.

Family Connect Form - Self Identification

Contact our Early Help Team

Tel: 07516918133



Meet the team

Our Early Help team is here to support families across the Northfield consitutency. 

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