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Esther: Getting to Know Our Amazing Volunteers!

Updated: 4 days ago

Esther has been volunteering with us for 1 and a half years!

We asked Esther what inspired her to volunteer for Northfield Community Partnership, and she stated, 'I thought, "What is the most important thing for people during this time?" Food is a basic need that needs to be met. So I wanted to help in this area.'

Esther first started volunteering during the pandemic. 'I collected food in my street and delivered it to the food bank. When I retired, I asked about roles were available and I started volunteering at NCP.'

If you're thinking about volunteering for the first time, Esther suggests reflecting on your preferences. Are you someone who enjoys interacting with others, or do you prefer working behind the scenes? Do you thrive indoors or outdoors? Considering these factors can assist you in making a decision!

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