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From One Carer to Another

A care givers journey can be difficult to navigate at the best of times even though there’s plenty of useful online articles and information available, nothing compares to the therapeutic value of one care giver to another!

In Northfield, we are extremely fortunate to have several small local charities and groups doing amazing work! I know this because it was at one of these groups that I had the rare opportunity to witness a beautiful and heartfelt conversation between two dementia carers, Zenia and Anne.

Zenia and Anne first met at a group session run by the Leaf Creative Arts  who deliver dementia friendly sessions. It was at this group that the pair first met, immediately bonded and have since become the best of friends, travelling together on the same journey, one which can only be described as profound!

Zenia explains, there isn’t a manual on how to manage and cope when your husband is diagnosed with dementia, you’re just left feeling extremely lonely, isolated and bereft. However, on a more positive note, since meeting Anne, Zenia now feels less, alone and isolated, particularly from her husband and the life she once knew.

Zenia also considers herself incredibly fortunate that she can share with Anne almost anything that she wouldn’t usually share with another person without fear of being judged. This friendship will prove invaluable as Anne explains - the sad reality is, Zenia’s husband’s condition will deteriorate but Zenia knows she can take comfort in the knowledge that Anne will forever be a constant source of invaluable support.

Their friendship works both ways as sadly, Anne’s husband passed away and Zenia was able to support Anne throughout her grieving process. Anne continues to share her much needed knowledge, wisdom, strength and advice wherever possible.

It’s vital that we can demonstrate and share the fundamental element these community groups play in the lives of our local citizens who are engaging in these much-needed activities.

If you would like to find out more information regarding support, guidance and dementia friendly activities, please follow this link 

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